Energy.. where did you go?

I played piano for 10-15 minutes. I did some tidying and folded some laundry. I put away some papers. I sent Ashley 'Sense and Sensibility' today.

I'm so tired. Why?

Yesterday after class I went to the gym. And I slept 11 hours last night, almost. I should have plenty of energy. I've had two meals with veggies today and I've had juice and water, so I'm well hydrated.

What will give me energy?

*evil grin* Sugar gives me energy! *laughs*

So... after dinner, I was craving sugar. I didn't give in. Now I'm so tired I can hardly think. Do you think that's connected?

Maybe I just need more catnaps ... and more exercise. I was supposed to go running today. I have 10 days until my 5k. How am I going to make it if I don't train? *sigh*

*tired* And I'm sad/stressed because I'm so tired I don't wanna do anything. I just wanna lounge or sleep or eat sugar to wake me up. Am I craving those mentally? Or physically?
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On track again?

So... I'm about to go to bed. It's almost midnight but I just finished printing an application for transcripts from UFV (I'll take it in tomorrow before I go to that study session). I rewrote/reviewed the letter for Carleton and printed it off. I just need my interim transcripts to go with it before I send it.

And tomorrow I'm going to call both universities and talk to someone about my applications and if my pre-requisites are going to be met, considering I'm out of province and out of high school for a couple years.

I think I'm on track again with this. I just can't let my fear of rejection stop me from calling and checking on everything.

Ryerson has my documents and my application is still 'under review' That's good. So I'm not rejected yet. :)
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Why can't I live in a chicklit novel. It's so happy and sad and figured out. Things progress and even if you see the words 'stagnant' they aren't necessarily followed by weeks of feeling.
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I'm up! It's not one in the afternoon!

Okie - productivity. I can do this. Errands with Elizabeth. *goes out to meet the daylight*

(Arg -- what does it mean to go to the movies with your friend/fuckbuddy?)
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One minute...

That's how I'm going to take life. One minute at a time. *nods*

I missed my Chem 231 midterm this morning. I didn't wake up until nine. *shrugs* I'm gonna try to take it with the other section t'morrow. I mean, I won't be getting more than ten percent on it anyways. I haven't been to any classes or read any of the material.

So.. in these next minutes I'm going to get ready to go to my Russian class to thank my prof etc etc. T'morrow I'll be taking my Chem 101 midterm and hopefully a Russian quiz. *nods*

I ate another sandwich. *grin*
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